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Our Law Office provides support particulalry in construction contract, the applies abpıt the urban transformation law (known as the law about the transformation of the fields under the risk of disaster), the disagreements about this law, cancellation of the title deed and registration processes, the applications and disagreements about the law known as “2B Law”, the disagreements about the reconstruction law, compensation cases arising from expropreation intervention, responsibility cases due to land registrations, collusion cases, solutions of the disagreements arising from real estate properties, unjust occupation cases, objections to cadastral surveys and all the other disagreements about real estate law. With the strong references coming from the past, the ability and capability of Boran&Üner Law Office renders it as the most Professional Law Office in Istanbul.


Our firm provides support to our honorable clients in different areas of business and compensation law such as te pursuit of the cases arising from employer-employee disagreements, return to work cases, disagreements arising from the social security law, service determination cases and preparing the business contracts to employers and all the other problems and disagreements about business law.

As well as we have mentioned above, our Office can help you about compensations due to contradiction to the contracts due to law of obligations, compensation due to injust acts, disputes about special kinds of contracts, all kinds of compensation cases, disagreements arising from commercial sales contracts, and all the other disagreements from compensation law.


Whether you have something to consult about busniess law or compensation law, the best Istanbul Lawyer  you can possibly find is Boran&Üner Law.

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We provide support about contracted or contentious divorce cases of the sides, comodity sharing after divorce, earnings of all the goods and real estates proporties,registered alimony, compensation and precaution requested divorce cases, custody cases, allowing to mary, voluntary cases, the recognition and enforcement of the court orders abroad about divorce cases, divorce in Turkey and all the other law services in Turkey.


You can contact Boran&Üner Law Office for your further questions and he best Istanbul Lawyer service.


Our practice area in companies law covers consultancy of the companies, establishment of a company, transfer and cancellation of a company, pursuit of all legal processes of companies, corporate administration, proess detection, Board of Directors, partners comittee and general assembly processes, union and transfers, tax planning, public offering, commercial contracts and processes, relationships beteen workers and the other employees, agency and distributership relations, connected relations, wealth subject to ideational and industrial properties, bankruptcy postponement and all the other things about companies law. Boran&Üner Law Office, the best Law Office in Istanbul, is ready to provide you the help you need as the best Lawyer Istanbul you can find.


Our Office can help you with the pursuit of execution, cancellation of possesion, imprisonement complaints, objection to valuation, prsuit of bankruptcy and all the other diasgreements arising from the executive-bankruptcy law. You can contact us 7/24 via our contact page.


Boran&Üner Law Office provides Professional service to its honorable clients in the subareas of commercial law such as:

  • Pursuit of commercial credits
  • Consultancy to the companies
  • Preparing agency contract, signing processes, inspecting them and distributership contract
  • Preparing, signing and inspecting license contracts
  • Preparing, signing and inspecting franshise contracts
  • Preparing, signing and inspecting financial renting contracts
  • Buying/Selling company and its contracts.



Boran&Üner  Law office; in the process of analyzing the benefits and risks of a ready-made contractor in terms of the parties, while carrying out the process of arranging the contracts in terms of determining the right of the parties’ interests, defining and arranging the relationship between them and the responsibilities and consequences of mutual debts and acts, It respects the legal interests of its clients.

In this context, it provides all kinds of legal consultancy services in current contract types, not limited to the following.


– Company establishment and main contract.

– Joint Ventures

– A purchase and sale contract.

– Real estate purchase and sale contract. – Construction contract.

-Franchise contract.

-Agency contract.

-Service contract.

-Credit contract.

– License contract.

-Business arrangement.

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Our Law Firm provides help about concession agreements to be carried out by the administration in all kinds of relations with the administrative authorities. build-operate-transfer contracts, privatizations and public-private partnerships (PPP) projects.

– Examination of the legal risks of these projects. – Conducting communication with the public authorities. – Negotiating and signing contracts for the project.  It also provides legal support to the clients in case of lawsuits filed against the EIA reports and the legal problems that the investments of the clients can have in the environmental impact assessment process.  In addition to this, money laundered against the client, permission-cancellation etc. represent cases of cancellation of administrative proceedings against any kind of administrative proceedings and also of cases of claims arising from administrative proceedings are in our practice area as well.There is no point in what your legal process is. If you are confronted with a court, you need all kinds of lawyers. Get a good and experienced lawyer right now. You can contact us via our contact page 7/24!



Our Law Office provides lawyers and counseling services to its clients with a team of experts in the field of criminal law, not limited to the following. • Complaints and criminal prosecution procedures to initiate criminal investigations. • Representation of complainants or suspects during the police and prosecution processes in the criminal investigation  • Follow-up of criminal cases as complainant and intervening deputy. • Defense and legal aid in criminal cases as suspect and defendant advocate. • Defendant intervention in disciplinary courts. • Applies to the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights.


In the scope of the Law on the Protection of Consumers, the title deed cancellation registration cases arising from pre-paid sales contracts signed between consumers and sellers (Our office is in front of our customers who have suffered victimization by companies named by Osmanlı İnşaat, Bulut Construction, Evviva Blt Construction, Fi-Yapı, Makrom, Di- has been providing legal support for many years.)  In addition to this, money laundered against the client, permission-cancellation etc. represent cases of cancellation of administrative proceedings against any kind of administrative proceedings and also of cases of claims arising from administrative proceedings. Our office provides legal support to our valued customers at the point of complaints arising from the sale of defective products, the application of Consumer Arbitration Committees on the collection of the banks’ unfair collection of the fees collected by consumers, the execution of the decisions of the Consumer Arbitration Board and the opening of cases in this respect. If you are looking for an Istanbul Lawyer specializing in Consumer Rights and Consumer Law, the first place to contact is Boran & amp; Law. No questions in mind. We want to answer all of them. You can communicate immediately without hesitation.


Our Law Office offers general counseling in the field of insurance law with a professional business mentality. Insurance companies operating in the fields of accident, damage, liability, transport, credit and financial risks, health, pension and life insurance. And they need insurance brokers and insurance reinsurance companies, insured and other policyholders. In all these frameworks we provide legal follow-up and legal advice in many areas.


In the scope of the “Mediation Law in Disputes of Law” No. 6325, except for those who are interested in the public order in matters of their own initiative, the mediation profession has been authorized. In this context, mediation solutions should be tried in the following areas. It will be imperative in some matters related to the amendment of the law to be made very soon. Family Law Disputes, Disputes on Financial Results of Divorce, Labor Law Disputes, Unfair Termination, Discrimination, Harassment, Worker – Employer Disputes. Moreover, Mobbing, Debt Law Disputes, Homeowner / Tenant, Builder / Contractor, Real Estate Agent / Host Relationships. In addition, Contracts, Health Law Disputes, Patient-Physician-Health practitioner, Physician-Health practitioner-Hospital, Hospital-Insurance companies. And even claims for damages arising from the bad implementation of medicine, Disputes on Intellectual and Industrial Rights, Trademarks, Patents, Trademark rape.  In this case, you can contact us for advice. Resolve the question marks in your mind. Do not hesitate for none. Call right now. You can find our information by reaching the contact page of our website.


Especially if you are looking for Istanbul Lawyers in Real Estate and Real Estate Housing Law, Boran & Üner Law Office is the right address. We have worked with many construction companies before. Besides this, we defended the consumers who were victims of real estate purchases. Both the lawyer Orhan Boran and the lawyer Penbe Üner Keskin, the founders of our firm, have superior experience in real estate law matters. If you are confronted with a legal process related to real estate, you can trust Istanbul Lawyer, which is the most ambitious in this matter. It’s time to contact Boran & Üner Law Firm.


Practice Areas of Boran & Üner Law Firm:

– Resolution of legal disputes arising from insurance contracts.

– Provision of the legal establishment required by law for insurance companies and agencies in connection with the insurance business.

– Resolving of legal complaints in this area and legal disputes arising from them.

– Providing the necessary legal support for administrative audits in the field of insurance.

-The necessary legal applications for the operations of the administrative institutions related to the field of insurance and the follow-up of the lawsuits.

Boran&Üner Hukuk Bürosu, Şişli Nişantaşı'nda İstanbul Avukat Olarak Hukuki Danışmanlık Hizmeti Vermektedir.