Foreigners are provided with professional service in the field of the Law of Foreigners by the expert attorneys and consultants of Boran&Üner Legal Consultancy & Mediation

We apply for, following and concluding procedures for citizenship for foreigners who wish to acquire Turkish citizenship under Law no. 5901 on Turkish Citizenship.

Our Law Firm’s experienced team of associates provides legal counseling and legal service to foreign investors for acquisition of Turkish Citizenship via investing in real estate in Turkey.
Moreover our Law Firm provides legal services to detect prevent and resolve any kind of disputes arising from Nationality Law and Law of Foreigners

The most common legal issues encountered by foreigners are;

  1. Right of inheritance
  2. Bonds, mortgages
  3. Foreign marriage certificate and divorce proceedings
  4. Applying to the Turkish Government Agencies
  5. Applying to the Turkish Courts
  6. Owning Real Estate Property in Turkey
  7. How to Get a Residence Permit?
  8. Residence Permit Extension
  9. How do I apply for a residency permit in Turkey?
  10. Getting a Turkish Work Permit
  11. How to Get a Work Permit?
  12. Work Permit Extension
  13. Work Permit in Turkey
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