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About Lawyer Orhan Boran

Lawyer Orhan Boran has been serving to individual and corporate clients in their legal processes in the areas of Real Estate, Consumer Law, Executive,Bankruptcy Law, Commercial, Family, Business, Compensation Law, since 2002.

Electrolux Inc. , Ariston Ltd. , Tarman (Bluehouse) Inc. , ING Bank Inc. , Ricoh, Maydenim are some of the corporate clients which he has served. He provides legal support to firms in different areas and medical centers.

Orhan Boran, who had been in various meetings and symposiums about the protection of consumers’ rights, is still running the legal consultancy of martyrs who were aggrieved by some companies like Fi Yapı, Ukra Yapı, Bulut Construction, Osmanlı Construction, Makrom Construction etc.

About Mediator Lawyer Penbe Üner Keskin

Lawyer Penbe Üner Keskin was born in 1981, in the province of Elazığ. After completing her university degree between 1999-2003 in University of Ankara Law School, she achieved her lawyer license and started working as an independent lawyer in 2005. As she has 12 years of experience in her job, she is still a member of Istanbul Bar Association and works at Boran&Üner Law Office, where one of the establishers was her.

During the process of gaining her job experience, she especially worked in the areas of real estate, divorce law and business law. Additionally, she has been the lawyer of some companies like RICOH TURKEY PRINTING SOLUTIONS LTD. , GÜNEŞ INSURANCE INC. , GLOBAL MEDİKAL , DK CONSTRUCTION, MAYDENIM, YENİ ANADOLU MINING, NUR MEDICAL CENTER.She defended the rights of the victims who were promised to get their flats, against construction companies (like Osmanlı Construction, Bulut Construction, Fi-Yapı, Makrom Construction, Ukra Construction, Vera Grup, Dİ-Yapı- Eyfel Yapı, Dumankaya Construction, İnanlar Construction, Selimoğlu Construction etc.).

As she is trained to become a mediator lawyer, to improve herself in various areas, she had participated the following seminars:
- “Official Mediator Certificate” 05.09.2017
- “Mediator Training in Legal Disagreements” 11.12.2016-11.27.2016
- “Commodity Regime and Liquidation in Family Law” 05.07.2016
- Execurive-Bankruptcy Law in-service Training Participant Certificate – 16 July, 2010
- In-service Training About “CMK”, 04-05 July 2009
- The Seminar About The New Turkish Criminal Law – 10 July 2005
- The Seminar About Europe Human Rights Agreement – 10 May 2008
- The In-Service Training by Turkey Bars Association – 18 April 2009
- The Seminar On Administrative Law – 13 November 2009
- The Criminal Sciences Symposium, 19-22 May 2005

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Mediator License

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