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Although you always act wisely on your responsibilities, life can surprise you. Even if you make effort on not being part of a legal or criminal case, such a case can come and find you. It is possible that you have no idea where to go and what to do when you face this kind of unfortunate events. In such times, you should think wisely before taking a step, especially if you are foreigner at that country. In such cases, it is natural you be looking for a lawyer or a legal consultant is Istanbul.

You might not know where to go while searching for the Best Lawyers of Istanbul. The founder of our legal firm, Mediator Lawyer Penbe Üner Keskin and Lawyer Orhan Boran are the experts of Real Estate Lawyers-Istanbul, Criminal Law, Istanbul Family and Divorce Lawyer. Our lawyers are the number one choices of both locals and foreigners who need a lawyer in Istanbul.

With our professional understanding and approach to our clients, we are only a phone call or an e-mail away from you!

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There is a fee that needs to be paid before suing, called “case fee”. As this fee can vary with the kind of case that will be sued, it is updated every year. In addition to “case fee” another charge called “expense advance” must be paid. This fee is also updated every year and it covers the expenses of witnesses, experts and investigation expenses. Once a decision is made by the court on the case, then it is clear that which side pays these expenses.

According to the data Ministry of Justice has shared, the average case in Turkey lasts 6 months. Of course, this period can be shortened or expanded depending on many parameters.

According to the 620th article of Law of Obligations, Common Partnership Contract is defined as ” two or more people merging their property and effort for a common goal”.

Companies can be divided completely or partially. In complete division, all the property of the company that is to be divided is transferred to tha recieving company. The commercial title and existince of the company taken over ends. In partial division only a specific part(s) of the company is transferred to the recieving company. The divided company acquires the rights of the acquiring companies or forms a sub / subsidiary of that company.

If the debtor fails to pay his debt, an application can be made to the enforcement offices in courthouses and enforcement proceedings can be initiated or a lawsuit can be filed with the court. However, since the online system has been used in enforcement offices and courts for many years, it is necessary to get lawyer’s support for enforcement proceedings and litigation process. Expenses are calculated over the total debt, on the fees and expenses at official rates. As the number of the debt changes, the expense item also changes. Execution proceedings start with applying to the enforcement office and paying the fees and expenses of the file. The lawsuit process starts with the delivery of the petition to the dispensing offices in the courthouses and depositing the fees and expenses of the file. In addition, in case the debtor objects to the debt request by execution, the courts also decide on compensation other than the payment of the debt.

Internet crimes are regulated as cyber crimes in the Turkish Penal Code. Entering the information system illegally, preventing the operation of the system by entering the information system illegally, disrupting the system, destroying or changing data, seizing an internet account and the photos or videos here. or the unauthorized publication of information about private life, abuse of bank and credit cards are examples of internet crimes. Apart from this, committing crimes such as insult and threats via the internet are also among the crimes considered within the scope. Victims can complain to prosecution offices or to cyber crimes units in police departments. Detection of perpetrators is often difficult in internet crime, but if the name of the website or e-mail account is given in the content of the complaint, the perpetrator is detected by determining the domain name or IP address.

In lawsuits to be filed for claims and compensation due to employee-employer disputes and for reinstatement, it was imposed that the claimant should have applied to the mediator before the lawsuit was filed, and it was accepted as a condition of lawsuit when filing a lawsuit. The name of this regulation is mandatory mediation. The application can be made to the Mediation Offices established in courthouses, or to the Civil Courts of Peace in places where there are no mediation offices, either in person or by proxy. In such cases, if it is understood that a lawsuit has been filed without applying to the mediator, it will be decided to dismiss the case without taking any action, without taking the merits.

Heritage property can be shared in more than one way. The inheritor can make an inheritance sharing agreement and the heirs can accept it. Or, the heirs can make a sharing agreement among themselves. In the event that the inheritor leaves only one of the inheritors, the remaining inheritors / heirs have the right to file a lawsuit and request the cancellation of the gain and the inheritance share to be given to him. This lawsuit does not depend on a period.

When any purchased goods are found to be faulty, within the first 15 days, they can be requested to be replaced, refunded, repaired free of charge, deducting the value loss caused by the defect from the cost of the goods. The consumer can prepay the total amount or more than one installment for a product purchased in installments, can receive a copy of the contract for consumer loans from the Bank or financial institutions in consumer loans, and the terms of the contract cannot be changed against the customer in any way, otherwise, suing and demanding this and for products purchased from door-to-door marketing organizations, the consumer has the right to “try and compare” for 7 days.

In case of an occupational accident, the employee can apply to the Social Security Institution to which he / she is affiliated to determine the rate of disability and request a salary. In addition, he can file a lawsuit at the labor court and request material and moral compensation from the employer. There is no obligation to go to the mediator for compensation due to the work accident, and a direct lawsuit can be filed in the court.

In the event of a traffic accident, if there is a defective vehicle involved in the accident, the insurance company can be consulted and the material damage caused by the accident may be requested. In the event of payment made by the insurance company, a compensation lawsuit may also be filed against the driver of the vehicle and the registration owner. Non-pecuniary damage cannot be requested from the insurance company. If the payment is not made by the insurance company, the insurance company, vehicle driver and registration owner may be asked for financial compensation and non-pecuniary damages from persons other than insurance. If the vehicle does not have insurance, an application can be made to the Assurance Account created within the insurance companies and a claim can be made again.

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