In the scope of the Law on the Protection of Consumers, the title deed cancellation registration cases arising from pre-paid sales contracts signed between consumers and sellers (Our office is in front of our customers who have suffered victimization by companies named by Osmanlı İnşaat, Bulut Construction, Evviva Blt Construction, Fi-Yapı, Makrom, Di- has been providing legal support for many years.)  In addition to this, money laundered against the client, permission-cancellation etc. represent cases of cancellation of administrative proceedings against any kind of administrative proceedings and also of cases of claims arising from administrative proceedings. Our office provides legal support to our valued customers at the point of complaints arising from the sale of defective products, the application of Consumer Arbitration Committees on the collection of the banks’ unfair collection of the fees collected by consumers, the execution of the decisions of the Consumer Arbitration Board and the opening of cases in this respect. If you are looking for an Istanbul Lawyer specializing in Consumer Rights and Consumer Law, the first place to contact is Boran & amp; Law. No questions in mind. We want to answer all of them. You can communicate immediately without hesitation.
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