In the scope of the “Mediation Law in Disputes of Law” No. 6325, except for those who are interested in the public order in matters of their own initiative, the mediation profession has been authorized. In this context, mediation solutions should be tried in the following areas. It will be imperative in some matters related to the amendment of the law to be made very soon. Family Law Disputes, Disputes on Financial Results of Divorce, Labor Law Disputes, Unfair Termination, Discrimination, Harassment, Worker – Employer Disputes. Moreover, Mobbing, Debt Law Disputes, Homeowner / Tenant, Builder / Contractor, Real Estate Agent / Host Relationships. In addition, Contracts, Health Law Disputes, Patient-Physician-Health practitioner, Physician-Health practitioner-Hospital, Hospital-Insurance companies. And even claims for damages arising from the bad implementation of medicine, Disputes on Intellectual and Industrial Rights, Trademarks, Patents, Trademark rape.  In this case, you can contact us for advice. Resolve the question marks in your mind. Do not hesitate for none. Call right now. You can find our information by reaching the contact page of our website.
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