It happens outrage in Turkey

Bulut Construction is on trial

Lawyer Orhan Boran explained to Damga the first time that the defeat was known to the victims who were known to be confined to the region of Esenyurt. “Today Bulut Insaat was in a new era and the decision was made to continue the detentions. However, a satisfactory result could not be obtained afterwards The meeting of Bulut Insaat was postponed to September 11. There is a case where the expert report is taken and there are missing points and they will be completed and the defendants will continue to be tried during this period.

You can jump to Turkey

especially in the Anatolian side lately Believe and Dumankaya indicating that İnşaat to arise about the criminal complaint Lawyer Orhan Boran, a “serious contractors victims in Turkey in general occurred. Number of much more than known. Until now we always spoke as Esenyurt district. Now Anatolia There are large companies have also problems in doing business in Side. we’ve become it is feared to spread to Turkey. we speak not District almost all of Istanbul. My fear is that that if the same troubles as large as the known contractor in Turkey can be a serious indignation in question , we are worried about it, “he said.

Daha Fazla
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