Red Bulletin Request for Serdar İnan! The Victims Are Offended

16 people claiming to be swindled in the houses they bought from Cekmekoy Terrace Koru site belonging to İnanlar İnşaat were found guilty of qualified fraud. Serdar İnan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors who escaped abroad, was also requested to make a search decision with a red bulletin.

In the past days, under the investigation of the investigation of the FETO, the president of the Board of Directors of Inanlar Construction, Serdar İnan, who fled abroad after he was released, requested the bankruptcy of the company. 16 cases of victims of the Terrace Koru site in Çekmeköy, which are the victims of the houses, have filed a lawsuit for cancellation and registration of title deeds, including requests for precautionary measures and precautionary measures to prevent the transfer of immovables to third parties in the Anadolu Civil Courts.


In this process, the lawyers of the 16 victims of the Anatolian Public Prosecutor’s Office, Penbe Üner Keskin and Orhan Boran, Serdar İnan and his brother Murat İnan, Arzu Fatma İnan, General Manager Dilber Gülsen Ramazanoğlu, Sinan Polat, Ayhan Bayraktar, Hasan Basri Canbazoğlu and Orhan Arslan found in a criminal proclamation. According to the crime proclamation, the event was realized as follows: Credits sale contract from Çekmeköy Terrace Koru site, one of the projects of İnanlar İnşaat, took home with prices ranging from 350 to 500 thousand TL. The contracts stated that the houses were sold as futures against order warrants.

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