Prison to Bulut Constrution, Hope To The Victims

The victims were delighted in the capture of the owner of Basic Bulut, the owner of Bulut Construction, who was sought for the reason that he conquered thousands of people in Esenyurt. The victims, who stated that the case of the ongoing cases will change, said that the capture of the Bulut would reveal where the money was abducted.

The real estate victims in Esenyurt were resurrected with the capture of the owner of the Bulut Construction Foundation. Temel Bulut, who was arrested in a tea garden in Istanbul and released to the Bakırköy 5th High Criminal Court, was arrested and sent to prison. Bakırköy 5th Heavy Penal Court on July 2016 due to escape from the stalls on the grounds of Mine Turgut and Temel Bulut was arrested. Mine Turgut was arrested about 1.5 years ago. A prosecution was filed against Basic Cloud about 910 years imprisonment for the “fraud of merchant or company executives and co-operative managers”.

Where were the moneys hijacked?
Lawyer Orhan Boran, a victim’s lawyer who spoke to my journalist after catching the Basic Bulut, said: “In the direction of the statements of Temel Bulut, it will be clear where the money is abducted and the fate of unlicensed sales will become clear. Boran said that the capture of the Bulut was a new hope for the victims and he said, “There was a decision to catch the Basic Cloud but it was constantly escaping.” There is a person in custody in this case, Mine Turgut, the employee of the company. With the capture of the Bulut, Bakırköy 5th High Criminal Court is on the verge of going ahead of the case “, he said.

Alatepe solves this problem
Boran said that he did not make any attempt to complete the construction of the foundation and said, “Now we have to deal with the victims to get out of prison, so it depends on reconciliation with the complainants.” Now there is hope for us to finish the construction. Boran pointed out that the new President of the Municipality of Esenyurt Ali Murat Altepe could find a solution to this problem. We hope that Esenyurt Mayor Ali Murat Altepe has a meeting with the new mayor .. Our first impressions are positive but we want clear things .. This problem is solved with the leadership of the mayor .. Bulut Construction which creates the most grievances in Esenyurt. , relatives of the martyrs were exploited and sales were made, and now they used “expressions” that will emerge. In the statement made by the Evviva Life Center Victims Association, it is stated that the capture of the Basic Bulut will change the course of the ongoing cases and it is stated that “Victims are the creditors from the contracting company and this is important in terms of the agreement on the collection of these receivables. “We will continue to follow our case after that.” Nurşen Çırpan, a victim of Bulut Construction, regarded the attachment as a ‘positive development’. Chirpan said, “This person was absent, some of them recently said that they would be the vehicle of this person, they wanted to consult for the agreement, and after that, our lawyers will deal with him, I think this development is positive for all the victims.”

There are close to 8 victims
130 of the Bulut Construction Project’s houses were found to be criminalized by the Chief Public Prosecutor of Büyükçekmece. At the end of the investigation, the prosecutor’s office sent the fezlekeyi to the Bakırköy Chief Public Prosecution Office. The prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit against Prosecutor General for the prosecution of Basic Bulut, his sons Özkan Oral Bulut and Volkan Vural Bulut, his wife Ecem Bulut, his predecessor Alper Fatih Bulut and Mine Turgut for the “fraud of co-operative managers with merchant or company executives”. There are many files in the heavy penalties and sentencing courts of the Bakırköy Courthouse about the same subject. According to the statements of the attorneys of the victims, there are close to 8 victims along with the families.

Lawyers intervened
Basic Bulut, the owner of Bulut Construction, was sued for a prison sentence of about 910 years for fraud charges. He was arrested in a tea garden in Istanbul three days ago. The court ruled that the defense of Bulut should be taken by means of the future audio and visual information system (SEGBİS). Bulut Construction owners, who have a large number of cases of heavy penal courts, have a file in Bakırköy 5th High Criminal Court that 130 complainants are complainants. Basic Bulut asked for defense against arrest, “I want to defend. There are 900 victims, 300 of them have sued me. “However, Bulut’s lawyers intervened and asked the court to make a detailed defense, and after the arrest decision, Temel Bulut was sent to Metris Prison.

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