The Heir to Bulut Construction Got Arrested

Lawyer Orhan Boran stated that there were thousands of victims and said “We are pleased with the Karadeniz, and hopefully the victimization of my clients will also be resolved.”

Temel Bulut was arrested and arrested on January 26th in a tea garden.


Volkan Vural Bulut, who had been arrested about the arrest, was arrested and taken to the judge at Bakırköy 2nd Heavy Penal Court on 10 February. Volkan Vural in the expression of the cloud “All the complaints of the company is the company named Bulut Construction and this company’s owner is my father is Temel Bulut”t have any work in my company.

When I called, I went to help my father. In this case, for example, when I had to be taken to the municipality or something to be taken, I went to the company and helped with the process. I did not sign a contract with anyone except him, I did not receive any money. ”

The court decided to arrest the suspect, taking into account the nature of the offense, the evidence, the suspicion of escaping and blacking out the evidence.

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