Problems and Odds About Divorce, Contracted and Contentious Divorce Cases

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Divorce Suits and Divorce Types


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First of all, it is very important to make a complete decision about divorce. It is wrong to open the divorce case with haste, while there are solutions that can be reached through reconciliation. If the spouse has not decided to divorce himself or herself as a victim, he or she may receive assistance from an expert family therapist, family elders, or specialist in the divorce lawyer who is involved in the process of divorce. This is important in terms of ensuring that small problems that do not lead to divorce can be resolved in a proper communication framework and above all the protection of the family unity. I am looking for a divorce lawyer or a lawyer is advised to pay attention to this matter before I can find the best divorce lawyer.


Agreed divorce Lawyers operating in Sisli are among the applicants who are frequently made to work. It is possible for couples to act in full agreement on divorce, alimony, custody, property sharing, compensation, and if a marriage has been completed for one year, a contracted divorce case may be opened. If the divorce protocol to be prepared in the presence of an attorney who specializes in divorce is signed together with the divorced couple, it will be possible to open an agreement for divorce. The family court must also declare to the tribunal that the parties have accepted the agreed protocol of divorce prepared by the specialist divorce lawyer in the period following the opening of the contracted divorce case. Divorce in a single cell, often spoken in society The law in the region of Sisli is possible in the context of a divorced settlement.


Disputed divorce Law büromuza, which operates in Şişli, is still among the frequent applicants. If spouses, including divorce claims, are in dispute in the process of divorce, a contested divorce case will come, not an agreed divorce case. In the case of contentious divorce, child support (custody, poverty, child care, etc.) has problems in custody, property sharing, material and moral compensation, and dismissal from home. For this reason, we recommend that the swollen divorce lawyer obtain legal assistance from an expert lawyer in the case of a contested divorce. With legal aid to be obtained from an expert divorce lawyer, a spouse who is free from divorce can fully attain his wishes. Easy divorce With the help of the swallow divorce lawyer, it can be done without problems. Provision of a sworn divorce attorney and attorney is possible by the power of attorney of a special divorce. This can only be done by confirming the name of the proxy by a notary.


Divorce Law grant a number of rights in respect of the defect, not the wife with the fault, but the wife who does not have any defect in the proof, compensation, custody etc. The wife who has a defect in severe defect will not be able to benefit from these rights. Among the most common reasons for divorce, divorce / adultery comes first because of deceit. The liability obligation in the marriage union is a matter of great importance in the family court. Moreover, divorce due to threat, divorce due to insult, divorce due to cana caste and ill-treatment, divorce due to marital harmonious relationship, divorce due to domestic violence, divorce due to violent incompetence, divorce due to abandonment, divorce due to abandonment, divorce due to mental illness are often the causes of divorce.

Apart from these, some issues in family courts are considered as the reason for divorce;

Gambling is regarded as the cause of divorce. Or the fact that one of the spouses borrows excessively and seizes the property of the home and property is the cause of divorce. In this way, it is not possible for a lifestyle family to survive economically.

Divorce Lawsuits to Open – Agreed Divorce and Contested Divorce

Sexual coldness is the reason for divorce. It is possible that the wives continue their lives in sexual harmony with each other. Otherwise, they are prepared to get their partner to cool off and cheat over time.

Unemployment is considered the cause of divorce. But here the spouse, who is obliged to support the house, is not only unemployed, but also does not try to find a job, does not look at his home, makes habit of traveling unemployed.

It is also the reason for divorce to see your spouse with your family. Divorce decision can also be made in the case that the spouse does not meet with his / her family and does not communicate at all.

Bad smell, not care about cleanliness is the reason for divorce. Because living with an uncomfortable person who does not care about personal care can reach unbearable dimensions for a partner.

The sharing of family secrets with others is accepted occasionally as the reason for divorce. This means that the trust relationship between the spouses disappears.

To lie may not be enough alone as a reason for divorce. But the fact that lying is becoming a habit now means the end of the trust relationship between spouses, so the reason for divorce is accepted.

Separation of house is considered as the reason for divorce if it causes uneasiness in the family and makes joint life unreasonable even though it is not accepted as the reason for divorce alone.

Falling in love with someone else is considered the cause of divorce. If one of the spouses fall in love with someone else and if they have a virtual relationship, the other spouse will have a divorce case.

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