Transactions to be made after Traffic Accidents, Application to Insurer, Time Escape

Trafik Kazası Sonrası Trafik Sigortası ve Sigorta Avukatı Bulma Süreçleri Hakkında

Legal Process After Traffic Accident, Legal Procedures Related to Traffic Insurance and Insurance Lawyer

BORAN & ÜNER LAW and CONSULTANCY OFFICE, which operates on Şişli, Halaskargazi Street, deals with the actions to be made after the traffic accidents for years, the insurer and the compensation cases to be filed after the traffic accidents and they are dealing with this field. Istanbul Şişli county and especially Çağlayan Adliyesi have come to mind when most people want to reach attorneys who specialize in traffic accidents lawyers and traffic accident lawyers.

1- What is the first job that needs to be done when a damaged traffic accident happens?

Parties involved in the accident must agree on an agreement and issue an Accident Detection Minute. No traffic cops need to come into the accident and intervene.

The Accident Detection Minutes prepared by agreement are no different in form and validity from the minutes held by the traffic police. It is important that the parties agree on each other. If no agreement is reached then the traffic police will be expected to arrive.

2- In which situation should traffic police be expected to come after an accident instead of an accident?

If one of the parties does not have a driver’s license, the driver’s license is not sufficient to use the vehicle, the age is small, if there is a doubt, or if there is no mental balance, the traffic police should definitely come to the scene. In addition, one of the vehicles involved in the accident may have a formal license plate. In this case, if the property of the official institutions is damaged by accident, if one of the vehicles does not have traffic insurance, or if only the goods of third persons are damaged during the accident, the traffic police should definitely come to the scene. If there is death or injury during the accident, the traffic police should be expected. In such cases, it may be helpful to check on events from the outset, especially if you apply to traffic accident lawyers.

3- Is it sufficient to prepare an accident post-accident report for the insurance application?

It is not enough that the Accident Detection Minute has been issued for application to the insurer. The second job to do is to take pictures from various points, showing the state of the vehicle after the accident. Insurance companies will definitely want to see these photos.

4-Is there an alcohol examination among the operations to be done after the accident?

The accident is to have alcohol inspectors drive if the vehicles involved in the accident are in the situation while driving.

5-What are the documents required to apply to the insurance company?

The insurance companies are obliged to take the compulsory traffic insurance policy of the vehicle causing the accident, driver’s license and driver’s license photocopies. If other vehicles are involved in the accident, they will also want the documents. The information and documentation must be given to the relevant insurance company within five business days of the date on which the accident occurred.

The insurance company opens a claim file and starts the procedures based on this information and documents along with the damage notification. If the application is not made to the insurance company for 5 days notice period, the insurance company does not have to pay compensation.

The insurance company can determine the expense when deciding the compensation to be paid. The report to be organized by the expert is important in determining the compensation to be paid.

6- What can I do if the vehicle causing the accident does not have insurance?

If there is no insurance for the vehicle causing the accident, an application is made to the Security Account. The security account will pay for the accident within certain limits.

7- Is there a right to compensation for death or wounded traffic accidents? If the Traffic Insurance makes payment, does it not give me the right to sue, how long is the time limit for compensation in traffic accidents?

After a fatal or wounded traffic accident, the person who is wounded if the person is injured, if the person is mortal, the person who died, the insurer opens the case against the person who uses the vehicle and the person who is registered in the name of the vehicle according to official records. You can open a claim for compensation even if you apply for insurance or even if you are paid by insurance. At this stage, as we have already mentioned, seeking help from traffic accident lawyers will be an appropriate attitude.

The time-out period mentioned in compensation for traffic accidents is two years. Claims for compensation may be issued from an order requiring punishment. The Criminal Code may be foreseen for a longer period of time. The time-out periods shown in this chart will find the application area.

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