Business Lawyer – Who Is A Business Lawyer? How To Deal With It?

İş Davası Avukatı Arayanlar ve İş Avukatı Ne Yapar Merak Edenler... Aklınızdaki Tüm Soruların Cevapları Burada.

About Business Lawyer

Istanbul Courthouse, located within the boundaries of Şişli district, is the first to come to mind in order to open a business case. The law of business law is a correct definition for law bureau operating in Şişli. It is recommended that the swift business law attorney, who is close to the judiciary at the expense of his / The business lawyer’s lawyer provides legal support to workers who want to file a lawsuit for their lawyer in the Shiite district.

As a lawyer of the sweltering labor law, the law bureau gives general legal support not only for the spatial proximity of Istanbul Courthouse but also for the process of leaving the worker. They are helping their clients to worker’s compensation receivables such as opening a job case, severance pay, notice pay, overwork, employer’s mobbing due to workmanship, worker’s receivables, minimum livelihood. The basic indemnity items of the worker are;


One of the biggest problems experienced before the employment case is the labor lawyer who wants to open a job case, the lawyer of labor receivables Istanbul, the best job lawyer, the labor lawyer, the labor lawyer, the labor lawyer communication, the severance indemnity lawyer, the termination indemnity period, etc. they must seek help from non-specialists around them. Such searches often lead workers away from the help of expert lawyers in business situations.

In the event of unfair termination of employment, the employee must first claim his / her employer ‘s rights by receiving legal assistance from a specialist attorney. To be entitled to termination indemnity, it is a receivable item which requires to work for at least 1 year in the same workplace. In this regard, Şişli is the right place to get help from the business lawyer. The most common case is seen in the name of Çağlayan in Şişli. The lawyer of business lawyer is advised to take care of this matter before I can find the lawyer of the urgent business case.


The business case is also a matter of great importance in terms of getting advice and compensation. Both the worker and the employer are liable to pay mutual responsibilities when the notice is to be paid. If the employer terminates the work immediately without observing the notice precautions, the notice paying up to 1 salary must be paid according to the Labor Law. In case of a punishment, a lawsuit must be filed to receive notice compensation. In the same way, if the worker leaves the job voluntarily without complying with the precautions, the employer will receive the notice of the claimant. It is advised to work with a lawyer who has expertise in obtaining a notice of indemnification. In this regard, Şişli is the right place to get help from a lawyer in a business case.


In terms of over-the-run work, specialist attorneys in business law should be supported. Work over 45 hours per week is considered overwork. If the employer does not pay this worker separately, he / she will be prosecuted for overworking work, and even if the worker is justified by the worker, he / she will be penalized. Time-out should be taken into consideration when taking too much work. Working with a lawyer who specializes in over-the-counter work is advised by lawyers. In this regard, Şişli is the right place to get help from a lawyer in a business case.



Due to the mobbing applied by the employer to the worker, the worker may be terminated for just cause by the actor. The burden of proving mobbing in the face of this situation, which has increased frequently in recent years, is the worker’s job. This can be determined by witness declarations, e-mail correspondence, camera recordings, etc. Lawburakuz is advised to obtain legal support of an expert in the field of mobbing. In this regard, Şişli is the right place to get help from a lawyer in a business case.


There are other parameters besides the items listed above. Your worker will get annual paid leave. My minimum livelihood will be reduced. If it is run on official and religious holidays, there will be other receivables items such as giants who are born in this case. It is advised to obtain legal support from a lawyer who specializes in this subject.

Job Advocate – Where to Find Job Attorney Advocate?

Business is a very intense and tense environment. Especially in today’s conditions, in this tension, the horse is caught in it. Despite being illegal, some of the actions taken have become very widespread. In many places, such illegal actions are now taking notice. Idioms have legitimized crimes related to business law. In particular, the employer has to work more than 45 hours a week and does not treat properly. It is very likely you will enter a legal process in which mobbing is so much increased and employees can not get their rights. In these processes you should have a specialist job attorney. The solution you are looking for is an experienced business lawyer who will stand behind you throughout the process and follow up all the procedures closely.

You have Boran & Üner Legal Counseling Office with you in this complex complicated but very easy solution. You can get in touch and get help immediately. Work with the most professional.

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